Elastic and Rigid Band Printing

Elastic and Rigid Band Printing

-       Thanks to our printing technology and work organisation, we are able to follow each step of the printing process internally, from the graphic study of designs/logos etc., to the actual making of the printing plates, to the final printed bands. This allows us to customise articles to a great extent.

We work on any kind of article (for wholesalers, direct manufacturers etc): elastic or non-elastic bands, light or heavy, of any composition and type. We can print up to five colours on the front side of the band, and one colour on the back. Max width 12 cm.

-      Given our experience, and due to our state-of-the-art equipment and know-how, we are able to obtain great results as for designs as well as cost-effectiveness, order delivery, minimum quantities etc. when compared to other systems for customising products, for ex., jacquard weaving, silkscreen printing, sublimation dyeing etc.

-          We use solvent colours which guarantee fastness to light or wet treatment process. 

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