Dyeing service

Dyeing service

-          Thanks to our dyeing facility we are able to supply all our articles (cotton lace, elastic or rigid bands) and customers' bands in their dyed version, the colours are provided in our colour cards attached.

-          Fast delivery.

-          Excellent colour consistency in time. The colours/tones can be repeated over the years, with the same results.

-          Utmost flexibility and money saving. The minimum quantity for dyeing is about 100/150/200m per colour/article.

-          Colour fastness: from good to excellent – as stated by the main international producers of dyestuffs – the type used in dyeing systems called “pigment dyeing”, which is the one we use.

-          The maximum width of the bands we are able to dye is 8 cm – regardless of the type of article.

-          The make-up is either industrial packaging (50/100/150/200 m) or haberdashery piece packaging of 10m  or 20m

-          During the dyeing process all elastics undergo a “heat-setting” treatment which determines an improved look and features of dimensional stability of the ribbon. The ribbon also becomes slightly shorter (length-wise) and narrower (width-wise) by around 4 to 7% according to their structure and composition.

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