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About Us
Passamanerie ToscanaOur company was born in 1964 in Tuscany, within an area boasting a long tradition in the textile industry. We have been proudly and successfully crochet weaving for over 40 years creating many different ribbons, with particular attention to rigid ribbon lace in cotton.

The propelling idea guiding us throughout our activity has been the desire to combine the use of natural fibre (cotton) with the typical design of the raschel technology.

It is a known fact that modern raschel machines require the use of synthetic fibres in order to function correctly: elaborate patterns and synthetic materials proves to be an unescapable match. We overcame such limits achieving a great result: a new production process covered by our industrial patents has allowed us to create innovative products and turned us into a leading company in the field of cotton ribbon laces.

The constant and thorough inspection of raw materials, such as twice-mercerized cotton, has enabled our ribbon laces to be brilliant looking, wear-resistant and dimensionally stable.

Passamanerie Toscana Conscious of serving a niche market, and well aware of the small dimension of our company against the infinite world of laces and trimmings in general, we have always offered the best quality thanks to our production process entirely carried out in our factory on the most recent machines controlled by highly skilled staff.

We provide a great selection of fine quality products in stock-service which allows us to deliver the ordered merchandise extremely quickly.

The experience and know-how gained over the years, our professional reliability and our internal structure are the tools through which we can take into account any kind of request pertaining our field of expertise (ribbon laces, trimmings with inserts, elastic and non-stretch bands).

Thanks to our pc graphic programme, we can make simulation of styles on paper (a reproduction of the desired pattern based on our technology), and create exclusive samples according to the customer’s needs – thus, a personalized estimate paying great attention to price.

The collections “Il Filet a Crochet di Firenze” and “Dentella's Lace” are registered trademarks.